Tax Aspects of Succession Planning

Clients who own and run family businesses are always keen to achieve the best after tax return on a sale. Those who pass down their businesses to the next generation are concerned to ensure that their IHT exposure is minimised. This course looks at the key tax issues which need to be considered in these areas.


• Issues on the sale of a family company
    o Ensuring maximum entrepreneurs’ relief
    o Use of S110 Insolvency Act 1986 reconstructions
    o Advantages of an own share purchase
    o Earn-out arrangements – a current perspective

• Issues on passing down shares in a family company
    o Business relief – planning and pitfalls
    o Deathbed planning – rights issues
    o Buy and sell agreements
    o Is it a trading company?
    o Excepted assets
    o Freezing operations
    o Related property planning
    o Recycling business relief


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