Incorporation and Disincorporation

Changes in both personal and corporate tax continue unabated, with each change having a potential effect on the decision about the best structure for a business for tax purposes. Of course, tax is not the only consideration here, but this course will focus on the key tax issues to consider when giving advice about incorporation.

The course will include content on:

  • The basic tax burden – sole trader versus limited company
  • Other tax issues to bear in mind – and other possible solutions
  • Incorporating an existing business – the tax issues to consider and the three possible solutions
  • Other tax issues on incorporation – capital allowances and VAT issues
  • Tax efficient extraction of funds from a limited company, setting an appropriate rate of director’s remuneration and other profit extraction options
  • Benefits in kind: company cars in the future and other sensible options for owner managers
  • Leaving corporate status, either to continue or to cease business – what are the options and what are the potential tax outcomes and traps to avoid


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