The Effective Supervisor

When you take your first steps towards management, certain skills should be developed to become an effective supervisor. This workshop will introduce you to the skills required to manage yourselves, your colleagues and client relationships effectively.  Another essential skill taught on the workshop is how to gain a clear understanding of the key drivers of client service satisfaction and how to develop your commercial awareness to help clients achieve their goals. We will develop your knowledge of the business life cycle and other keys areas, such as keeping your clients happy, considering clients’ needs, their expectations and how to help them take advantage of opportunities that occur.

  •    The role and skills of the effective supervisor
  •    Delivering effective briefings
  •    Introduction to effective time management
  •    Personal organisation and planning
  •    Dealing with distractions
  •    How groups make decisions and how you can influence those decisions
  •    Keeping your clients happy
  •    Consideration of clients’ needs, expectations and perceptions and how to manage them
  •    Adopting an adding value mind-set, identifying and taking advantage of opportunities
  •    Developing your commercial awareness
CPD Course
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