SRA Accounts Rules Update Key Points

This course will cover the latest developments and changes to the SRA Accounts Rules (previously known as Solicitors Account Rules) and Reporting Accountant Requirements. It will also provide a useful refresher as to how the changes which came into effect in 2015 have affected the Reporting Accountant.

This course covers the key points concerning:

Changes to the SRA Accounts Rules are expected to come into force during 2019 (at the time of drafting this outline precise timescales have yet to be announced) which will make the Rules far less prescriptive and allow solicitors more flexibility in achieving the desired outcome of keeping client money safe.

In November 2015 the role of the Reporting Accountant changed significantly. From that date the old SRA Accounts Checklist disappeared and accountants are now expected to exercise their professional judgement in preparing their report.

With such a moving target, it is essential that everyone involved in such assignments is fully aware of their responsibilities.

This course is suitable for all those with an understanding of the existing Solicitors’ Accounts Rules 2011 who need to gain an insight into future changes and refresh their understanding of the 2015 changes to the Reporting Accountant’s responsibilities.

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