Residential Property - IHT

The inheritance aspects of both lifetime and death planning on the family home will be the focus including the new residence nil rate band. A secondary focus will be to consider IHT aspects of investment residential property including property used for furnished holiday lettings.

Course content will include:

Lifetime planning issues

  • General planning factors
  • The Gift with Reservation pitfall
  • Pre-owned assets

Death planning matters

  • The new residence nil rate band including downsizing
  • Other death planning with the family home including trusts

Planning with other residential property

  • Jointly owned assets
  • The CGT problem
  • Raising a loan
  • The BPR problem

Non-UK domiciles

  • UK residential property changes

Recent developments or points of interest

The content for online courses predating 2020 may vary.

This webinar forms one of a three part series which will consider taxation aspects of residential property for the individual. Each part can be used as a standalone session.

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