Prospecting for Clients and Prospect Conversion

This workshop will give you the opportunity to enhance your networking and selling skills to ensure they achieve maximum impact. Through better preparation for both day to day networking opportunities and attendance at formal events, you will build your confidence and capability in networking situations. You will also be introduced to advanced sales techniques for developing your selling ability with both prospects and existing clients.  

  • A review of what’s working for you and what isn’t
  • Improving your preparation for formal events and general day to day networking
  • Making the most of your networking toolkit
  • Working the room and avoiding the gaffes
  • Enhanced digital networking techniques
  • Using your influencing skills to best effect in networking and selling situations
  • Generating a better understanding of clients’ needs and wants through more effective diagnostic questioning, active listening and summarising
  • Giving your business proposals more impact
  • When and when not to negotiate
  • Knowing your negotiating levels and variables and using them wisely
  • Dealing with objections more effectively especially over price
  • Enhancing your sale closing techniques
  • Knowing when to walk away
CPD Course
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