Influencing and Rapport Building Skills

Your ability to influence and build rapport will allow you to develop stronger and longer lasting relationships with colleagues and clients. Through an improved understanding and application of different communication styles, you will further develop the core skills that are essential to your role as a manager. You will gain insights into emotional intelligence and its role in persuading and influencing others. It is important to be able to demonstrate confidence and capability in handling challenging situations and challenging people in a variety of professional and personal situations.

  • Recognising your own and others’ preferred communication styles and how to use this to best effect
  • The critical importance of active listening and questioning in building trust, empathy and rapport
  • Differentiating facts, feelings, motivations and values
  • Using emotional intelligence to improve your influencing skills
  • When, and when not, to persuade, influence or negotiate
  • Handling challenging situations and challenging people
CPD Course
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