Becoming a Business Advisor

This workshop will introduce you to the role of a business advisor. The changing profession is causing technical experts to reflect on the type of work that they are providing to their clients. You will be better able to identify opportunities in terms of adding value to clients’ businesses.

By attending this module participants will have:

  • gained a clear understanding of the role of business advisor and how this complements their existing role, recognising the value of what they already know and how this can be used to benefit clients
  • been helped to develop a different mindset in their dealings with clients – away from that of a technician to becoming a trusted business advisor and partner
  • been introduced to the business advisory framework and how to apply it in practice
  • developed their understanding of the common problems that clients face within different stages of the business life cycle and how they can use their existing knowledge to help clients overcome these problems
  • enhanced their diagnostic questioning and listening skills in the context of business advisory work.
  • developed an understanding of how clients can be supported from a strategic perspective in terms of risk management and strategic planning
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