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Essential Employer Update 2020

Just some of the things your clients need to know:

  • critical change to employment allowance
  • the latest developments in company car tax
  • contingency planning for uncertain political times
  • roll-out of Good Work Plan continues April 2020.



Driving change: green business motoring

  • government policy: the road to Zero
  • new emission test procedures
  • new benefit in kind rates
  • other tax incentives for electric vehicles
  • how electric vehicles fit into the capital allowance regime
  • new business era: how to plan for the future.



Year End Tax Planning Guide 2020

  • how to invest and save - tax efficiently
  • capital gains tax change to private residence regime
  • tax relief in the buy to let sector: the final frontier
  • rules on charitable giving
  • how to help the next generation.

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And why they should hear it from you:

  • nearly three fifths of businesses worry that the tax system won’t treat them fairly

‘…under …constant threat of being called out for getting things wrong in a tax system that has grown ever more complex…’

(Research by British Chambers of Commerce)

How we can help:

Mercia Newsletters and Briefings are topical, concise and authoritative.

  • taking the worry out of tax for clients
  • positioning your firm as the expert in your field
  • timely advice to prompt the client conversations you need.

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